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Dongguan Jingqiao shoesCo.,Ltd since is inception has been led by the spirit of quality, the credibility of the purpose of serving Ritsumeikan.

Continuous improvement in the growth of structure, from which to explore only reduce production costs and optimizing customers competitive customer-oriented company. Now available in major cities in China to establish a point-of-sale, small companies are renowned at home and abroad, are sold abroad in Vietnam, India, Laos, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Italy and other countries, the company is now the intention to establish point-of-sale in foreign countries or authorized to carry on . Sophisticated production knife mold born in little knife mold production can not solve the problem, with expected sales of knives over the years experience has a wealth of DIE material and equipment research and development, design and manufacture of a full set of technology, is only a production, marketing, technical and after-sales service in one of the knife mold materials. Thanks to the trust and support of customers, expanding the company's business sophistication, the perfect point-of-sale market by domestic and foreign producers in other knife authorized agent.

Manufacturers to change the company to join start-ups at the time of the plight of a single species, to the present multi-brand, specifications can complete most of the world counterparts. Ad of the Company after the maintenance department can repair all kinds of brand knife mold equipment, free of charge for customers to do machine maintenance or technical explanations, for special equipment or flowers do die, flowers red Welcome to custom-made map. Home or abroad can apply for freight transport in remote areas or adjacent to the point-of-sale arrangements for you.

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